Need a Website or Just a Fresh "Look"?

It is my guarantee to provide each client with outstanding customer service. That means providing more than just after-sales service, but comprehensive and reliable on-going support. I'll continue to give all of my clients the premium level of service even after the job is finished. Have a look through my project showcase for some great examples of how I've helped other great companies just like yours!

Please review the process below to learn what will be involved in the redesign or development of a new website. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.


In this first phase, we will need to focus on gathering research and information so that I can learn more about your business; who your target audience is, your expectations of what the website will do as well as what content you will want to include in the website. I will help you accomplish this chatting with you via phone/web conference and explaining my process.

Architecture & Design

The completion of your website architecture (site map) and the design prototype of your website is the next phase. In this phase we focus on ensuring that the design is to your satisfaction. Therefore we can add or make any changes until you are appeased with the thorough design of your new website. I guarantee a well-designed website to satisfy all your needs. If you are not satisfied with our layout, I can modify it until you are.


After confirming the website design with you, I will code the site and merge the content and graphics into the new design. In order to ensure that the content is delivered in a clean and effective manner compatible with the most popular browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, FireFox, Safari, etc., I will create a stylesheet during this phase which will be used throughout the site. After the website is finalized and all content is approved and formatted, I will ask you and review your new website to ensure that everything is to your satisfaction.

Deployment / Launch

Your website will be launched as soon as I receive the final approval from you. I'll divide payments according to the developmental phases so that it is convenient for you to pay for your web site. Each payment is due prior to beginning each new phase. During this final process the only thing that you may need to provide to me is the content and your feedback, I'll take care of everything else!

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